Thailand: Border Crossing

We visited Bangkok for the fourth time on this trip.  We  arrived at 4am on the train from Chiang Mai and stayed out by the Don Muang Airport.  We spent hours deciding if we should stay at the expensive but close hotel or the farther/cheaper one.  Guess what we picked?!

We squeezed into a cab with two random Estonians as we hunted for a wooden i-phone case (a gift for a friend) that we had “seen everywhere”, and then when we wanted one, couldn’t find anywhere.  Although our mission failed, we were able to meet Thara for dinner before barely making the train back out to the other side of town.

Last Night in Bangkok

Total Time: 7 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 30 batht

Number of Cities Visited: 2

Favorite Place: Any of the massage tables in Chiang Mai

Least Favorite Place: Wandering the streets near the Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

Places to Visit Next Time: Chiang Rai or Pai

Best Food:  Unlimited Vegetarian buffet at Kuhn Churn

Worst Food:  Dinner on train from Chiang Mai consisting of chips, peanuts and slices of pineapple

Most Embarrassing Moment:  Trying to fill up a liter bottle of water at the filling station when we accidentally paid for 5 gallons and water was spraying everywhere.

Number of Massages: 9

Number of Illnesses: Several body bruises from the women’s prison masseuse and foot micro-fractures from Muay Thai boxing class

Number of Sniffers/Tiger Balms and other Herbal remedies purchased: 18

Coolest Souvenir: $5 Cleaver from the local market…will it make it home in our checked luggage?

Amount of MSG consumed in noodle soups and fruit shakes: Waiting on medical testing or until we grow a third ear

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