Our Story

Joshua was born in Northern California.  He graduated from UCLA in 2005 and works in high-tech sales.  As a child he loved snow-boarding, mischief and girls.  He has a knack for random bar games and getting a great deal.  He met Laura on the first day of college, but waited 7 years to call her.

Laura was also born in Northern California.  She loves her hometown neighborhood, the Sacramento Kings and mint chip ice cream.  After attending UCLA, she enjoyed San Francisco’s treats for 4 years before trading them in for Joshua.

In 2010, Joshua and Laura moved to Jacksonville Beach, FL.  After 20 months of humidity, biscuits and gravy and plenty of camo, they decided to leave their jobs and travel the world.  P.S. They have no idea where they are going.

Let's Be Adventurers

Excuse me, what’s the deal with the redshirts?

I don’t think the embarrassment will ever wear off when we ask people to take our photo while wearing them.  But, they are sentimental.  The former owners were my grandparents.  They were handed down to us (with tags attached?!) when my grandparents passed away as a reminder to live like we are always on vacation.

So, why write a blog?!

Twenty months of travel is a long time, and I don’t want to forget a thing (I am my mother’s daughter).   But, this isn’t a travel blog.  It’s a blog about travel.  It’s the story of what we did, but not what you should do, the recollection of what we loved (or didn’t love) which won’t be the same for anyone else.  It’s mainly the tale of what went wrong because that’s what turns travel into adventure.  So actually, this is an adventure blog (an adventure of a lifetime, in fact) where you can follow two people who decided to see, who opted for do and who whole heartily believe in GO.

Email if you have travel recommendations, questions, worries.  We love tips and advice and we have learned a few lessons on the road we’d be happy to share.

Adventures Together

8 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hi Joshua and Laura! I was browsing wordpress travel blogs this morning, and came across your post on Sucre (we loved Sucre, it was like an oasis in Bolivia). We actually just arrived home 2 weeks ago from our 11 month journey around the world, and did pretty much exactly the same thing as you two. Although I am happy to be home, I actually burst into tears yesterday during a movie about India- so clearly I am still letting go. Congratulations on taking this chance and happy to see you are having a blast. I will be living vicariously through you as I am back to the same old same old and looking for a job again 🙂 If you’d like to check out our blog for tips on some of the places you will be going in the future: coffeeandpassports.com. Cheers!

    • Rachel:

      Thanks for the note! We are headed into the Amazon for 4 days, but would LOVE to hear about your experiences. We’ll get in touch once we recover from our mosquito bites…

      ~laura & josh

  2. My girlfriend and I, Rachel who also commented, just returned home from the same trip and did a blog as well! It is very cool that you guys are doing the same thing. You’ll meet some wonderful people traveling some of your routes whom you can share traveling with. I went to UNF and lived in jacksonvile beach as well. I lived on the corner of 8th N. and 1st St. I hope you have a blast on your trip. If you have any questions, feel free to email us (NFreeman81@aol.com)! We went through Central and South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, India, then a Med. cruise before coming home. We would be happy to share our experiences and give advice if needed. I look forward to reading about your trip! Good luck!

    • Nicholas:

      We lived at 22nd and 2nd in South Jax, but spent plenty of time up in Jax at Mellow Mushroom. We are going on an Amazon tour, but would love to pick your brain about our upcoming travel for recommendations and suggestions!

      ~laura & josh

  3. Hi Laura and Josh! This is Dylan, the Peace Corps volunteer you met in Mozambique. It was so nice to meet you both and inspiring to hear about your adventures. I hope you’re enjoying Botswana and your safari! Hope to keep in touch. Would love to get your emails.


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