Costa Rica: Playa Samara

In Costa Rica, the routine has been as follows: bus to beach, sunburn, wait on the side of the road, bus bus to beach, much too long hike, animals from Where the Wild Things Are, cold beers and batidos, bus, wait, bus, wait, bus…it feels like our time has become so invaluable.  So it was meant to be when we walked up to the bus and the driver asked if we were going to Samara.  A whole empty bus, leaving that minute…no waiting.  We jumped on, and enjoyed the ride.

Once there, we continued on the wildlife spree: a sand dollar, sea horse, coral.

This was the first Pacific Ocean beach we had been to where the water was actually warmer than what we had experienced in the Corn Islands on the Caribbean side.  We couldn’t resist a relaxing play day.

We ended up eating a great Italian dinner, prepared by a women from Genoa, with a Canadian couple who were new to the Italian food game of pastas and pizzas (Obviously not enough Sopranos in their lives).  When asked to describe the foods, the waiter liked to say everything was “just how my grandmother made it.”  I couldn’t have agreed more.

On the way home, we shared the road with this creature which is half raccoon, half mini-bear.  I swear the zoo got loose before we arrived!

One thought on “Costa Rica: Playa Samara

  1. I am intending on traveling from Playa Samara to the Corn Islands. What route did you travel while doing this or do you have any suggestions?

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