Costa Rica: Playa Brasilito

We didn’t do much preparation in coming to Costa Rica.  So we asked our cab driver to name his favorite beach—Playa Brasilito.  Just a long wait and a short bus ride later, we found ourselves walking down the one block that made up Playa Brasilito and securing a room in a hostel with HOT SHOWERS.

We took to the beach and managed to walk a few km down the way towards Playa Conchal, named for the white, white sand created by ground up conch shells…”one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica” (Lonely Planet is sometimes the worst, it says this about almost all the beach towns).

Our walk again brought us right up close to wildlife, again.  We saw a ray swimming in the break alongside us.  From the picture it is hard to tell, but the dark area in the foreground is what killed the Crocodile Hunter.

Then I almost stepped on what I thought was a plastic snake, but it was REAL.  Now I’m having trouble walking anywhere because I think every fallen branch could be a snake.  Does anybody know if this is poisonous?

UPDATE: James and Sol both did their research and have informed us this sea snake is not poisonous and only bites when provoked.

We celebrated being back on the beach with sunset cocktails.  It was like a real vacation with umbrella straws…

…until we met our dinner guest!

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