Nicaragua: San Juan del Sur

After a month of being coddled and chauffeured around, we were officially on our own, forced to speak in broken Spanish, and make potentially disastrous decisions for ourselves like which bus to get on and who to trust with our luggage.  Realizing this, we were prepared to lose everything that wasn’t attached to us, and we were okay ending up on the other side of the country, if in fact, that did happen.  Not this time.  Two micro buses, a little bus fare negotiating, a lunch in Rivas – with ice (dare devils!), and a chicken bus later (4 hours total) and we were at the beach.  Despite forgetting to write down the number or address of our hostel for the night, we still found it.  Life is good!

Here’s a view from the inside of the chicken bus:

And here’s a few from the outside of our room:

San Juan del Sur is a town composed of three blocks along the beach, and about five blocks in depth.  Although there has definitely been some foreign investment in recent years, the businesses are still primarily locally-owned and the look and feel is very Nicaraguan beachy.  There is a nice balance of locals, foreigners, and ex-pats.  We’ve been able to find some reminders of home.  A local burrito shop (small burritos and not very good.)

A mini Golden Gate Bridge, only 100 feet long, but no tolls.

A real sunset like you might get on the West Coast with a $4 bucket of beers.  Hallelujah!

And a smoothie shop with table games!

This three day stay we had planned never looked long enough…Joshua started pushing for a month.  It could have been the beer talking or maybe just the fact that we were able to find a hostel right on the beach that offered us a ocean-view balcony and breakfast for $16/night.  Yes, the rooms are simple, but at this point I’m perfectly fine with that as long as we’re tarantula free.

With this view from our balcony, it will be at least a week!

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