Nicaragua: Playa Madera

One of the perks of San Juan del Sur is that it is home to a myriad of surfers who practice everyday.  Watching them surf at a local spot, makes it look so easy.  As they flipped forwards and backwards and walked from tail to nose, Joshua decided to give it a try.

We found a Nica-owned company that provides the board, rash guard, transport and instructor for a reasonable price.  What we learned was Joshua’s instructor, Nelson, was there for the party.  He and Joshua surfed together, but I’m not sure Nelson helped much except for inviting us to the, “party tonight!” which was his favorite phrase.

We baked in the ever-present and hotter than hell sun for hours, sipped on real mango daiquiris and tried our first and definitely not last passion fruit.

The “party tonight” happened to be the birthday celebration for a Texan girl who fell in love with a Nicaraguan surfer and never left.  Her boyfriend’s parents own a restaurant on the sand that was full of random strangers celebrating with free rum, which come to find out, were mostly invited by Nelson.

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