Europe: Border Crossing

Total Time: 17 days

Countries Visited: Italy, England, Netherlands

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 1.23 Euro: 1.6 pounds

Number of Nights of Accommodation we Paid For: 4, sweet!

Cost of a Typical Dinner:  Don’t ask.

Price of a liter of house wine in Rome: $11

Number of Cities Visited: 4

Number of Public Buses: 3

Number of Metro Rides: 18

Favorite Place: Rome, Olympic Park is a close second.

Least Favorite Place: Not fair!

Places to Visit Next Time: Florence, Italy, Stonehenge, England,

Best Food: The Ledbury in Notting Hill

Worst Food:  Salami sandwich we HAD to buy outside the Colosseum to keep me from a late stage of Hangry

Number of Illnesses: 2 colds

New Goals: Move to Italy (for at least 6 months).  Work for the Olympics.  Eat at The Fat Duck in London.  Learn to make Dutch Apple Pie.

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