Thailand: Koh Lanta

People say Koh Lanta is a chill island: empty beaches,  easily explored by moto and beauty…lots and lots of beauty.

Sunset on Koh Lanta

We have no idea.  From the minute we arrived, Joshua felt like he was coming down with something.  He quickly progressed from bad to worse.  He was uncomfortable the first night following dinner (the one time we left the hotel) and couldn’t sleep, and then he wouldn’t get out of bed the whole next day.  By the second evening, I was on the phone with the doctor.  It’s hard to watch the rock in your life shrivel up–to go from strong and resourceful to sad and pitiful.   He is no fun when he is sick and being in paradise actually made it worse!

Sunset Dinner

So instead of exploring Koh Lanta, we looked up doctors.  Joshua likes to know immediately how to fix his problems – I typically wait to see if mine just naturally disappear, which hasn’t always worked out for me.  This is the exact reason why my appendix burst before I could get it removed.  The doctors first thought he may have Dengue Fever.  You know, the same disease that the famous surfer, Andy Irons, died of recently.  Luckily, the $100 blood test revealed that it was not the culprit.  Then they checked for bacterial and viral infections.  Still nothing.  The doctor commended Joshua for being so healthy, yet he had never felt worse.  By the following morning I was able to get him on a bus to Bangkok where we could get a second opinion or possibly on to Laos should he have the strength to continue.

I’m hoping with all these illnesses we return to the US with super human immune systems and not super broken ones.  For now Koh Lanta is still a mystery to us.

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