India: Border Crossing

This video does a magical job of capturing India’s flavor!

Total Time: 50 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar=54 rupees

Cost of Typical Meal: 80 rupees for a thali meal which comes with rice or roti and sauces that you eat with your hands

Number of Cities Visited: 12 and some of them had 20 million people!

Number of Buses: 10 most of which boasted full on beds for sleeping, except the VIP one to Agra where they used empty chips bags to plug the A/C when people got too cold!

Number of Trains: 5 none of which departed or arrived on time

Number of Metro Rides: 10

Number of Tuk-tuks: 14

Favorite Place: Rishikesh and for a big city definitely Mumbai!

Least Favorite Place: Chennai (except for the people)

Best Food: The Office in Rishikesh for great breakfast and chai and the madras coffee in Pondicherry at Kaffe.

Worst Food: Butter sandwich on the train…what is nutritious about that?!

Number of Days Without Beef: ALL of them.  Who could eat beef when the cows are so darn cute?!

Happiest I’ve Been Eating Vegan: At Bean Me Up in Little Vagator…how have I lived so long without chia coconut cream porridge?!

Biggest Rip-Off: Christmas dinner at Indigo in Mumbai and the “marble” elephant we bought in Mamallapuram since it’s already broken.

Place to Visit Next Time: Varanasi, Darjeeling and Calcutta

Number of Times Joshua Stepped in Poop: Zero for the first time on the trip, but he got so CLOSE.

Best Joke (courtesy of Ram): You can drive in India without brakes, but not without a horn!

Number of Men Peeing on the Street: Countless

Number of Yoga Studios/Classes Attended: 7 studios/16 classes

Number of Bollywood Films Watched: 1 Dabangg 2= Da’bomb

Unexpected Result of Time in India: My boyscout Joshua learned to cut in line.

Most Important Hindi One Can Know: Chalo, chalo (GO AWAY!)  Works well on tuk-tuks, touts and young children begging for candy.

Illnesses:  50 days of stomach issues, 2 cases of dysentery, 1 still black and blue toenail from climbing Kili in October, 2 2+ week colds, oh India, you make me sick but, I love you so!

2 thoughts on “India: Border Crossing

    • We did! They even carried over to our first week in Thailand. It got to the point that I would eat something knowing it would make me sick, but I didn’t care because it was so good.

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