Border Crossing: Sri Lanka

Total Time: 6 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar=130 Sri Lankan rupees

Cost of Rice and Curry: 250 rupees for unlimited…you just ask for more.

Number of Cities Visited: 9, less like cities and more like towns

Number of Hours Driven by Lal: close to 24 hours

Favorite Place: Sigiriya

Least Favorite Place: Jacket market in Noralia where North Face, Columbia, etc. used to send their defects, but the factories have since closed, so they get fake defects made in China now!

Best Food: Home Grown in Hikkaduwa

Worst Food: Luke warm curry that tasted how dirty feet smell from our first hotel.  We didn’t know any better. Or the rice and vegetables we ate on Thanksgiving, seasoned with tears!

Biggest Rip-Off: $15 entrance fee to Dambulla Temple or the $4.50 coffee from Coffee Bean at the airport that we couldn’t afford.

Place to Visit Next Time: Polonnaruwa

Youngest Person to Demand Money from Us:  6 year old boy during our hike in Ella

Most Interesting Fact: Green and black tea are made from the same leaves just dried differently.  And rubies are just red sapphires!

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