Border Crossing: Mediterranean Cruise

Total Time: 12 days

Ports: Venice, Dubrovnik, Corfu, Katakolon, Piraeus, Kusadasi, Santorini, Naples, Rome

Countries Visited: Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey

Meals per Day: Minimum 3

Best Food:  Free-range chicken nuggets and a decent filet mignon

Items Joshua Ate Daily: Bagel with lox, shrimp cocktail

Number of Pounds Joshua Gained in 12 Days: 6.5 lbs

Worst Food: Fresh fruit, not so fresh

Number of Bottles of Wine Consumed: 13, embarrassed to say.

Favorite Place: Santorini

Least Favorite Place: Corfu

Number of Illnesses: 2 colds

Place to Visit Next Time: Mykonos (skipped due to weather)

Number of Movies Watched: 5

Visits to the Gym: 11, in hiking boots no less!

Times Joshua Went to an Activity that was Cancelled Due to Lack of Participation: 3

Scariest Moment: At the art auction, Joshua knocked down a painting which hit another.  I thought we were in for all our savings.  Luckily, it was the under $800 auction and nothing was permanently damaged.

Number of Chocolates our Room Steward Left on our Pillows in the Evening: 6+, he knew how to earn his tip!

Biggest Mix-Up: When we arrived for the first time to our room, we found two mysterious suitcases waiting for us.  We guessed we had gotten the wrong room number (it was TOO nice), but we later found out, our bags had been sent to the wrong ship and someone else’s had been delivered to ours!  I guess we are lucky to have our original dirty clothes back…

Cost to Print Boarding Pass for Flight to Sri Lanka: $8.00

One thought on “Border Crossing: Mediterranean Cruise

  1. haha I laughed at the hiking boots in the gym thing because we had to do the same thing! It was embarassing at first but then we got over it because after all you see all kinds of weirdness on a cruise.

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