France: Border Crossing

Total Time: 6 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 1.3 Euro

Cost of a Typical Dinner:  20 euros each or more for traditional french food, but lunch could be 5 euros or less for a baguette and cheese.

Number of Cities Visited: 2

Favorite Place: Inside the Monet rooms at L’Orangerie

Least Favorite Place: Paris sewer–gross but interesting.

Places to Visit Next Time: Wine Country

Best Food:  Julhes bread and cheese, period.

Worst Food:  Nothing was memorably bad…

Number of Years Since I’d Last Seen Hugo (former exchange student): 20 years

Types of Cheese Tried: 9

Number of Crimes We Witnessed: 2

Estimated Number of People at the PSY Concert: 20,000

Number of Miles Walked First Day in Paris: 15

Number of Metro Tickets Purchased as a Result: 30+

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