Turkey: Border Crossing

Total Time: 19 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 1.8 lira

Cost of a Typical Dinner:  You can get a great tavuk durum doner (chicken gyro wrap) for 3-4 lira.  The whole family could eat for $20 at most restaurants.

Number of Cities Visited: 11

Favorite Place: Istanbul has so much to do…two continents in one!  BOGO.

Least Favorite Place: There weren’t many places we didn’t like.

Places to Visit Next Time: Egirdir, got a trusty recommendation for next time!

Best Food:  TopDeck in Goreme, easy ordering and always good.

Worst Food:  A needed, but deadly stop in the tourist area of Sultanahmet.

Strangest Food: A local restaurant in Cesme where patrons were giving us tastes of their dishes while we ordered.  I’ve now eaten lung, brains, tongue of what I hope but cannot confirm was cow.  CRAZY!  At the same place, we asked for a wine list, and they told us to walk to the store down the street!

Cost of a gallon of gasoline (petrol): $7.50…it cost $110.00 to fill up a small Renault.  We’ve got it good in the U.S.

Kilos of Turkish Delight Purchased: 3

Greatest Fact I Learned about Uncle Dennis: He hates French Provincial furniture because it sticks out and stubs his toes.

Number One Concern on the Trip: Who had pooped and when.

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