Zimbabwe: Border Crossing

Total Time: 6 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 1 dirty, dirty, dirty  dollar bill, 2 dollars= one dirty, dirty, 2 dollar bill…like all the dollars that the US never wanted back have gone there to die.  As for their own Zimbabwean money, they now sell million, billion and trillion dollar notes on the street that expired 5 years ago for WAY too much.  But, yes, we are trillionaires.

Cost of a Typical Dinner:  $5 for pork chop, pap (like polenta porrige on crack that expands when eaten) and beans…interestingly, deodarant is more.

Number of Cities Visited: 2

Number of Extreme Activities: 3, white water rafting the “Mighty Zambezi” is not a honeymoon activity.  Noted.

Favorite Place: Hwange National Park

Least Favorite Place: Painted Dog Sanctuary which houses exactly 3 painted dogs.  SAD.

Places to Visit Next Time: Matapos for a walking safari with African Wanderer

Best Food:  Boma.  Warthog…nom, nom, nom.

Worst Food:  The local diner in Vic Falls with explode your stomach quality and quantity.

Number of Illnesses: Just near death on the Zambezi

Things You Can Be Arrested For: Mentioning politics in public, taking pictures of bridges, borders, police or police stations and feeding street children.

Interesting Border Note: There are more baboons than people.  Seriously, the monkeys are everywhere.

Best Buy: Stone carvings of any size and any shape, carved by somebody’s brother.

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