Zambia: Border Crossing

Total Time: 5 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 5,052 Zambian kwacha.  It was one of the only countries where US dollars were not accepted.  Most others preferred US to their own currency.

Cost of a Beer:  8,000 for a Mosi

Number of Cities Visited: 3

Favorite Place: South Luangwa National Park

Least Favorite Place: Lusaka.  Another big, dirty city.

Places to Visit Next Time: Devil’s Pool on the Zambian side of Vic Falls

Best Food:  Impromptu taco salad with yogurt dressing we made at the camp site.

Worst Food:  Our own breakfasts.  It is still weird to me that milk does not need to be refrigerated.  Therefore, I stay away.  It makes cereal for breakfast very difficult.

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