Botswana: Border Crossing

Total Time: 4 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 7 Pula, but we actually have no idea because we had to exchange money (which we never do) at a crap rate.

Cost of a Beer:  15 pula

Number of Cities Visited: 2

Animals Seen on First Game Drive: hyenas, lions, hippos, water bucks, giraffes, elephants, banded mongooses, baboons, warthogs, secretariats, fish eagles, impalas, guinea fowl, kudu, buffalo, crocodiles, spoonbills

Favorite Place: Kasane, Chobe River

Least Favorite Place: Nata

Places to Visit Next Time: Okavango Delta

Time Required for Guide License: 4 weeks…don’t expect much from the guides, but the parks shine on their own.


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