Mozambique: Maputo 2.0

And just like that, we were going back in the direction we came from…In a stroke of genius and true African spirit, Joshua decided to wait for the bus down the street from the main tourist pick up…he had heard it was much cheaper for locals…it was, in fact, that easy.  Getting on at the local pick up instead of in front of the hostel not only saved us some money, but gave us 30 more minutes of sleep.  Sweet.

We were joined on the bus by some of the most awful teenagers I’ve ever encountered.  They tried to avoid sharing seats (impossible in Africa—they fill every inch), they talked back to elders, they rolled their eyes at simple questions and were just plain rude.  I was embarrassed they were from the US.

Pulling into Maputo, we decided not to break our backs with a second long bus ride for the day.  Instead we spent the afternoon gathering ingredients for a seafood feast organized by our old (week-old) friend Shrivanth.  In total 10 of us shared, crab, fish, shrimp, salad, wine, rice for a whopping $6 per person.  By the end of our meal, we were not only stuffed but we also had our first wedding invitation in India come November!

The tour hadn’t even started yet, and the decision to head back to Johannesburg was already paying dividends.  The following morning we jumped on the early bus to Johannesburg and got the front window seats so we could take in the view of Africa!


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