Brazil: Border Crossing

Total Time: 18 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar= 2 reals

Cost of a Typical Dinner:  Depends on who you go with!  We could easily spend 17 reals on a meat plate in Rio or many times that at a fancy restaurant in Sao Paulo.

Number of Cities Visited: 3

Number of Public Buses: 14

Number of Metro Rides: 6

Number of Taxis: 4

Number of Rides from Wilza: countless!

Favorite Place: Rio

Least Favorite Place: Foz de Iguacu town

Places to Visit Next Time: Paraty, Bahia, Salvador, Florianopolis…the list goes on.

Best Food:  D.O.M. but we ordered off the menu.

Worst Food:  Free breakfast provided by Azul Airlines when our flight was cancelled from Iguazu to Rio.  Those were not real eggs!

Number of Illnesses: 1 cold

Most Popular Saying: Ta bom which means OK.

Most Popular Song: Eu Quero Tchu Eu Quero Tcha by Joao Lucas & Marcelo

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