Argentina: Border Crossing

Total Time: 20 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar=4.3 pesos and counting.  Seriously, Joshua bought a pair of shoes…the price had gone up since they were marked.  Not cool.

Cost of a meal: 44 pesos for a grass fed hamburger at McDonald’s…don’t worry, we were only fooled once.  In all honesty, we cooked for ourselves a lot due to the fact that food was expensive and parillas aren’t as good as we’d hoped.

Number of Cities Visited: 6

Number of Public Buses: 30

Number of Boats: 1

Number of Cabs: 4

Number of Free Rides from Strangers: 2, karma points for them

Number of Pairs of Shoes Joshua Bought: 3!

Favorite Place: Buenos Aires…spoonfuls of dulce de leche required at every meal.

Least Favorite Place: Buenos Aires…graffiti and dog poop everywhere (Joshua stepped in ALL of it).

Best Food: Homemade picada prepared by Carlos in Ushuaia or El Rey Fugazetta pizza.  OMG.

Worst Food: Homemade tuna sandwiches at Perito Moreno…there are two kinds of tuna in Argentina, don’t buy either.

Most Expensive Beer: 2 Beagle Beers ($7 a pop) at the End of the World!

Number of Illnesses: Just hurt egos from having the wrong hiking shoes or lack thereof.

Places to Visit Next Time: Mendoza…man, I wanted to go so bad, but the damn Andes got in the way.

Most Common Quote: “Chamullo!” Which means, bullshit!

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