Peru: Islas Ballestas

As we planned our trip around the world, one of the places that was on top of both of our lists was the Galapagos Islands.  Early on, however, it was apparent we would not make it that far north with the time we had available (and the route we had chosen).  So when we heard about “The Poor Man’s Galapagos” in Peru, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to visit.  So it was just our luck when the earthquake from the previous night in Huacachina led to unfavorable conditions near Islas Ballestas.  Of course, our tour group was not informed of the delays caused by the earthquake, so we took the hour-long shuttle at 6am to the docks where we waited for another two hours for them to tell us that no ships were touring the islands that day.  Then the tour company told us they couldn’t control “environmental factors” and were going to keep our money.  Joshua and I threw a fit–we ended up with 70% back.  It was crazy, though, that the operator thought they were being reasonable keeping our (and EVERYONE else’s) money for a tour that we didn’t get to do!  The Galapagos Islands has just made our Honeymoon list.

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