Bolivia: Border Crossing

Total Time: 26 days

Exchange Rate: 1 dollar=7 bolivianos

Cost of a large cup of Fresh Squeezed Juice: 4 bolivianos (may or may not come with salmonella)

Number of Cities Visited: 8

Number of Public Buses: 17

Number of Boats: 11

Number of Flights: 2

Favorite Place: Sucre

Least Favorite Place: Trinidad

Best Food: La Taverna

Worst Food: Salty Stew on Rice at Madidi Travel (couldn’t even touch it)

Typical Accompaniments in Meal: Noodles, Rice, Yucca AND French Fries…hello carbohydrates

Scariest Moment: Any bus as they speed around corners, spraying gravel off the cliff or slamming on their brakes while passing another bus.  Not to mention the two buses that went over the edge on our route days before we took it.

Number of Illnesses: 1 cold, 2 salmonellas, 1 altitude sickness

Places to Visit Next Time: Tupiza

The craziest part of our Bolivia border crossing was the fact that the outpost at the Bolivian frontera was not equipped to handle us.  We crossed the border with little more than our names written in a book.  Without a stamp in our passports, we spent three days traveling to a city large enough to accept our $135 reciprocity fee (read: cigarette money for the year).  Exiting was equally sophisticated as we stepped out of Bolivia and into Peru.

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