Bolivia: Isla del Sol

The Ayamara believe the sun was born in the middle of Lake Titicaca on Isla del Sol.  On this island, the sun took its first steps towards the sky and left footprints in the rocks as evidence.  Just 1.5 hours from Copacabana–it’s another world.  The island is dry, rocky and goes from one peak to another hovering above 4000m.

The hills have been terraced for agriculture, a practice learned from the Incas.

Full of ancient dwellings, bones and historic sites important to the Ayamara, we spent the day exploring Isla del Sol until our feet couldn’t move anymore.  Joshua loves sneaking workouts in on me.  Little did he know, the hills and altitude would prove to be plenty of interval training for both us.

Some say it is reminiscent of the Greek isles with terraced fields, deep blue waters and colorful houses.  If we make it there, we’ll let you know.

We wandered so long that we didn’t sit down for lunch until 5pm.  We ate a three course meal including trout, the local specialty, quinoa soup and a banana desert for $4.  And we thought an island in the middle of a lake would be expensive…

We found a room with the best view in town for $7.  From our bed, we watched the new day begin.

There truly is no escape from the sun here.  Joshua’s feet paid the price (even with multiple sunscreen applications).

(Only a river guide should have feet like this).

It is stops like this that make us forget where we are in the world.

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