Bolivia: Copacabana

Located on the Bolivian shore of Lake Titicaca, Copacabana provided a break from the hustle of a big city like La Paz.

We took several traveler recommendations and forked over $30/night to stay at La Cupula.  It was quite a luxurious hotel sitting on the cliff overlooking the lake.  Unfortunately, the spa was broken or it would have been the perfect way to wrap up our Bolivian adventure.

We checked out the boardwalk, full of paddle boats and foosball tables.

Joshua challenged some locals to a game, whooped them and walked away.  Ordinarily, it would have been me that he schooled, but I took a reprieve from losing that day.  I’m glad we made it out without a scuffle.

We visited the beautiful 16th Century cathedral, Basilica of our Lady,  filled with hammered tin adornments and the Virgin of Copacabana (and took a picture even though it’s against the rules).  Outside they were ramping up for the Ayamara New Year that coincides with the winter solstice by selling champagne and fireworks.

We hiked up to the top of Cerro Cavlario for sunset.

It was a grueling 30 minute hike straight uphill, but the views of the lake and of Peru in the distance were spectacular.  Whenever we hike somewhere difficult and I’m huffing and puffing, Joshua always jokes that he left something at the top and we need to go back and get it…except this time he really DID leave our tripod connection at the top.  Neither of us realized until it was too late and we didn’t have the endurance to run back up.  Now, the joke isn’t as funny.

At the La Cupula restaurant we splurged on cheese fondue made with REAL Roquefort cheese which we haven’t seen in months.  We celebrated the finer things with a glass of wine.  Joshua almost convinced me to get a dessert too, but I was too full and just so happy that the old Joshua was BACK to enjoy the meal with me.

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