Argentina: El Chalten

We were stuck in Patagonia.  There was no way out.  Flights were booked and insanely expensive.  Bus rides lasted more than a day.  So, we stayed…even though Joshua was all trekked out and I couldn’t wait to stop wearing a hat and gloves.

There were visible reminders everywhere!

We visited El Chalten to kill some time.  It is a major trekking stop for many travelers.  For us, it was a sleepy little town, ready to close up shop for the season.  But, the one perk was–we got to walk on a glacier.  In our coolest excursion to date, we pulled right up to the front of the glacier via boat, and then spent the next three hours exploring the glacier via foot.  We buckled ourselves into crampons and hiked.   I wish we would have brought Joshua’s monkey backpack, as the theme of the day was hearing the lead guide call him back to the group.  We saw all types of glacial formations, learned about the receding nature of the Viedma Glacier and drank Bailey’s with million year old ice.  No big deal.  We had 5 people in our group, with two guides, so we got special attention and plenty of time to snap photos and ask questions.

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