Costa Rica: Uvita

Another traveler recommended “The Flutterby House” to us, but at the time we never thought we would make it all the way to “Uvita.”  When we saw fliers in Dominical that it was only 14km away, we called them immediately to book a cabin.  We took the early bus and made it down there as everyone was still eating breakfast.  The vibe at this place was great: cool travelers, mix of luxuries like internet and a nice kitchen with rustic cabins and tree houses.  It was sad knowing we only had one night.

It is right at the entrance to (meaning you don’t have to pay) to Ballena National Park which is a marine park in Southern Costa Rica.  It is one of the only places they’ve noted humpback whales mating in the world.  Two pods of whales travel through this area each year; one heads up past the California Coast and the other travels to Central America from Antarctica.  It is home to several types of dolphins—we just missed the mating season.  It has some ridiculous amount of sea-birds, coral, turtles, etc.  With our timing, we missed an official tour, but at least we got to explore on our own.

Joshua did some surfing.

We got a chance to walk out to the “Whale’s Tale” at sunset/low tide.  The tide goes out far and exposes a rocky area full of small tide pools in the shape of a whale’s tale.  Walking out towards the end of the beach, you notice the waves crashing at you from both sides. We didn’t manage to see any whales, but it was the BEST beach in Costa Rica, for sure.

The picturesque beauty of Uvita wasn’t fully lost on the fact we had to leave Flutterby the next morning at 4:30am to make our bus.  It was late, so we waited per usual.  Joshua did some exercise.

Our next series of buses was unreal.  We walked off one, on to the next.  We had maybe 1 minute to gather our thoughts in between stops; and we were off over the Panama border.  It was the shortest 12 hour travel day we will ever have.

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