Costa Rica: Border Crossing

Total Time: 10 days

Exchange Rate: 510 colones/dollar but everyone pretends it’s 500 even—good for us!

Cost of a Typical Dinner: 4000 colones includes chicken or fish, rice, beans, salad and a batido (milkshake)

Number of Cities Visited: 8

Number of Public Buses: 15

Number of Boats: 0

Number of Taxis: 2

Number of Hot Showers: 5

Favorite Place: Uvita

Least Favorite Place: Puntarenas

Best Food: Jungle Cafe fish tacos

Worst Food: Gallo and we were dumb enough to try it twice the same day

Number of Illnesses: 2 (ingrown toenail and back spasm)

Places to Visit Next Time: Montezuma

Most Popular Saying: Pura vida maje.

Local Beers (listed by preference):

1. Pilsen

2. Imperial


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