Nicaragua: Granada 2.0

We revisited Granada for the World’s Poetry Festival.  We debated going, but felt since we happened to be here during the week long festivities—it was the world telling us to go.  Our school also sponsored a class of students from some of the poorer barrios in La Concepcion to attend.  It felt good to see them run through Granada and soak up the reading corner provided by Libros para Ninos.

Notice Josuha brushing up on his Spanish with a children’s book, as well.

The city was packed with tourists and poets, alike.  We arrived just in time for a procession that included dancers, bands and poets reading poetry on every corner of the city.

Joshua and I watched one round, but fell victim to the incredible heat.  Luckily, we found refuge in an awesome bar/restaurant that was recommended by a fellow traveler, Tercer Ojo.  We recovered with sangria and a tour of the local chocolate museum.

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