Nicaragua: Typical Evening in La Concepcion

We are usually greeted at night by several of our Uncles relaxing in rocking chairs.

They chat, read the paper and talk about girls.  None of the women in the family participate, so only Joshua knows what secrets they are willing to share.

Batana and Arielka prepare dinner which usually consists of rice, beans, plantains and salad (a menu not unlike breakfast, but tasty nonetheless).

One of the fancy meals we had—bao, a local favorite.

After we eat, there’s usually a lot of TV watching: mostly sports (Bergman JR and Jasson), telenovelas (Arielka), cartoons (Pedro) and music (all of the above).  We have been playing a lot of UNO with the kids.  It’s a great game for us and them—about the level of Spanish we have (numbers and colors).  For several weeks it ended when Pedro didn’t win except recently he has been kicking our butts.

We’ve been trying to spend time each night studying our Spanish and reviewing what we learned during the day.  Otherwise, I take notes in class and then never look at them again.

We’ve been going to bed around 9:30pm which gives us a solid 9 hours of sleep, except we never really get 9 hours of sleep.  My earplugs only block out Joshua’s voice and my watch alarm.  Awesome!

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